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  • DIN-Rail Single Phase Prepaid Meter LY-KP12-C

    DIN-Rail Single Phase Prepaid Meter LY-KP12-C

    DIN-Rail series are residential split type prepaid electricity meters, with conventional and smart options, they can be configured in Prepaid or Postpaid mode, provide utilities with high degree of accuracy and reliability, allowing for single phase connection.

    These DIN-Rail meters are designed based on 20-bit Token in accordance with STS specifications, fully complying with DLMS/COSEM IEC standards and certified with DLMS, STS, SABS certificates, and the compact construction design makes it possible to install them in a cluster box with various capacities of 1, 2,5,10 etc. meters. Their robust anti-tampering and prepayment functions make them ideal low-cost devices for revenue collection and protection solution.