High Safety:Precise monitoring and quick response Atomizing agent +Water Dual Mode fire extinguishing system

High Flexibility:Modular design,flexible configuration,support multiple cabinets deployment and connection

High Efficiency: Maximum roundtrip efficiency 90%

Long Life: 10 years /6000 cycles

Low Operation Cost:Digital-twin based platform enable real-time monitoring,remote control and failure diagnosis,significantly reduce O&M costs

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System Specification 100kW/215kWh 100kW/233kWh 125kW/254kWh
Rated capacity 215kWh 233kWh 254kWh
Rated power 100kW 100kW 125kW
Energy efficiency 290% 290% 290%
Cycle-index 10 years /6000 cycles 10 years /6000 cycles 10 years /6000 cycles
Rated AC Output Voltage 380V  (-15%~+10%) 380V  (-15%~+10%) 380V(-15%~+10%)
Rated AC Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz  (±5Hz) 50Hz/60Hz  (±5Hz) 50Hz/60Hz(±5Hz)
Wiring Method Three -phase four-wire/three-phase three-wire
Power factor >0.99 >0.99 >0.99
Power factor range 0.9(leading)-0.9(lagging) 0.9(leading)-0.9(lagging) 0.9(leading)-0.9(lagging)
Temperature difference ≤3℃ ≤3℃ ≤3℃
Rated DC voltage 768V 832V 832V
DC Voltage range 672~864V 728~936V 728~936V
Cooling mode PCS liquid cooling      /PACK liquid cooling PCS liquid cooling      /PACK liquid cooling PCS air cooling
/PACK liquid cooling
Fire protection system Aerosol /Perfluorohexanone  /Optional Aerosol /Perfluorohexanone  /Optional Aerosol /Perfluorohexanone  /Optional
Cell type LFP 280Ah LFP 280Ah LFP 306Ah
System group mode 1P240S 1P260S 1P260S
Pack group mode 1P48S 1P52S 1P52S
Number of packs 5 5 5
Dimension W*H*D 1295*2070*1400mm 1295*2070*1400mm 1295*2070*1400mm
Weight 2600kg 2700kg 2800kg
Working Temperature Range 20~50℃(>45°℃ derating) 20~50℃(>45°℃ derating) -20~50℃(>45℃ derating
Protection Class IP55 IP55 P55
Monitoring platform Local monitoring,APP,cloud platform


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