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  • Smart Keypad base Three Phase Prepaid Meter LY-SM350

    Smart Keypad base Three Phase Prepaid Meter LY-SM350

    LY-SM350 prepaid series are advanced AMI smart three phase prepaid electricity meters, with BS integrated keypad/Smart Card type and/or split keypad type options, they can be configured in Prepaid or Postpaid mode. Their unique feature of plug-and-play communication module creates the possibility of exchange and usage of variety of reliable wired & wireless communication interfaces, suitable for residential and small size C&I clients.

    LY-SM350 prepaid series meters are accurate at measuring & monitoring load and network parameters as well as anti-tampering functions, making them ideal for revenue collection and protection solutions. They are designed based on 20-bit Token based STS or CTS specifications, fully complying with DLMS/COSEM, IDIS standards and certified with DLMS, MID, IDIS, STS, and SABS certificates to guarantee their interoperability over AMI platform.