Battery Rack/Cabin

High energy density:60%higher than 1000V system

High efficiency:High battery side efficiency and cooling efficiency

Low cost:Lower LCOS

Flexible:Support multiple AC/DC coupling


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Flexible configuration Multiple battery modules can be in parallel for expanding capacity and power.

Lifepo4 battery packs >6000 cycles.

Equipped with Comprehensive BMS.

Easy Installation with Rack Battery Design.

10+ years technical support.

Wide Range of Applications.

Stackable rack design up to 372kWh, Max 8 parallels.

With a 95% operating efficiency.

Max Energy Density is 60% higher than traditional 1000V systems.

Environmentally Friendly & Lead-Free.

System Specification 372kWh 407kWh 428kWh
Rated capacity 372kWh 407kWh 428kWh
Rated power 186kW 204kW 214kW
System efficiency 295% 295% 295%
Temperature difference ≤3℃ ≤3℃ ≤3℃
Rated voltage 1331.2V 1331.2V 1331.2V
Voltage range 1164.8~1497.6V 1164.8~1497.6V 1164.8~1497.6V
Cooling mode liquid cooling liquid cooling liquid cooling
Fire protection system Aerosol /Perfluorohexanone  /Optional Aerosol /Perfluorohexanone  /Optional Aerosol /Perfluorohexanone  /Optional
Cell capacity 280Ah 306Ah 314Ah
System group mode 1P416S 1P416S 1P416S
Pack configuration 1P52S 1P52S 1P52S
Number of packs 8 8 8
Dimension W"H*D 1300*2300*1400mm 1300*2300*1400mm 1300*2300*1400mm
Weight 3700kg 3790kg 3800kg
Working Temperature Range -20~50℃ -20~50℃ -20~50%
Protection Class IP55 IP55 IP55

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