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Middle East is a big market for smart metering, especially Saudi Arabia, which is also the largest smart grid market among MENA countries, with an imminent tender for the supply of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) of 20 million smart meters to be deployed by 2027. However, Middle East countries are also encountering some issues, such as high non-technical losses due to energy theft, the inability of utilities to stabilize energy supply and demand, as well as poor consumer energy efficiency have prevailed in the region. Linyang developed a series of cost-effective smart meters customized for its special environment of high temperature and dry weather in Middle East region and also for solving its common issues.

Linyang has provided more than 2 million single phase smart meters with RS485 local communication module and more than 500,000 three phase cost-effective smart meters in certain areas of Middle East Region in the past three years. Meanwhile, with our strong quality control and excellent aftersales service, we successfully provided Saudi Arabia with more than 900,000 three phase multiple-functional smart meters, which accounts for majority of Saudi Arabia market share. It is estimated that Linyang is to meet the local market needs of Saudi Arabia with around 2 million three phase multiple functional smart meters in 2020 and a total more than 3 million single phase and three phase smart meters for the whole Middle East Region.


Whole Current Smart Energy Meter NW34


Key Specifications

● 3-Phase 4-Wire
● Nominal Voltage: 3x133/230/400
● Reference Current: Ib/In (Imax) 10/100
● Dimension(mm): 75x22x8.32

Key Features

● Bi-directional Measurement
● Bi-directional communication channel to read locally and remotely through optical port and RS-485 (using RJ-45) ports respectively
● Integration of external GPRs or PLC communication module /Gateway without powering off and/or disconnecting the meter from the grid
● Supply Quality Monitoring
● Anti-tampering: meter cover open, current imbalance, plugging and unplugging communication module, magnetic field
● Load Profile
● Local and remote firmware upgrading
● Real Time Clock

Key Benefits

● Future-proof platform adapted for smart grid evolution
● Reduced operational costs
● Reduced non-technical losses
● Supply quality monitoring
● Demand monitoring and management through sharing the information with customers
● Interoperability
● Support of time of use tariff structures