O&M Management - Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.


Energy Interconnection System Platform

● To “safe first, reliable  operation, benefit first, long-term control” key policy as a criterion , based on the  PV operation and maintenance  market, through scientific, intelligent and efficient solutions to improve the power Plant  Photovoltaic power generation and system stability. Linyang currently has more than 300 professional operation and maintenance employees. The size of the PV power plant has exceeded 3.5GW.

● Linyang focuses on centralized and intelligent operation mode, and strives to open up the intelligent operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plant and distributed energy interconnection operation of the new situation, the use of “Easy Solar” intelligent solar cloud platform for the monitoring of the photovoltaic power plant to achieve the concentration of photovoltaic power plant groups operation and management to ensure the efficient operation of the power plant and optimize the use of resources to achieve the comprehensive utilization of PV power plant group to maximize benefits.

Energy Internet System

O&M is one of the key factors affecting the expected revenue of solar power station. Linyang has been maximizing the investment returns of customers and investors through continuous O&M optimization.

Easy Solar Smart PV Cloud Platform

● GW-level power station data monitoring and management system
● Comprehensive evaluation system supporting massive data analysis
● Full database system designed for key equipment performance parameters
● Optimized distributed architecture system
● The most reliable efficiency sorting and optimization system