Integrated Energy Service Project of Zhangshi Highway - Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.

Zhangshi Highway is a part of expressway network layout plan of "five vertical, six horizontal and seven lines"  in Hebei province , an important south-north expressway at the main structure of Hebei road network in northwest of Hebei Province as well.  The Baoding section was opened in 2012, with a total length of 287km, passing through 11 counties (cities) and traversing plain and mountain areas. There are 21 tunnels along the route, which are composed of short, medium, long and extra-long tunnels, and form three main tunnel groups. The length of a single tunnel is 44.7988km. There are 27 toll stations, maintenance areas and monitoring centers along the baoding section of zhangshi expressway and 3 service areas along the route. The average annual electricity consumption of the whole section is 35 million Kwh with the electric bill of 21.32 million RMB.


Energy Saving Renovation of Zhangshi Highway Tunnel Lighting

1. Technical Standards

According to JTG/T d70/2-01-2014 design specification of Highway Tunnel Lighting Design Rules, the designed speed is 100 km/h (original designed speed is 80km/h).

2. Technical Features

ZigBee wireless technology is adopted to realize precise control of each light in each tunnel, and real-time dimming of the tunnel lights is carried out according to the light brightness and traffic flow outside the tunnel. The lighting control system is embedded in the original tunnel monitoring platform.

3. Tunnel Lighting

For the renovation of tunnel lighting in Baoding section of Zhangshi expressway, Linyang provided and installed totally tunnel LED lights as following:

200W tunnel LED lights

100W tunnel LED lights

8W tunnel LED lights

40W tunnel LED lights

120W tunnel LED lights


Before Renovation


After Renovation

Lighting Energy Saving Renovation of Zhangshi Highway Station

At the lighting renovation project of Baoding section of Zhangshi highway, Linyang replaced totally:

120W medium pole LED lights

80W ceiling LED lights

30W courtyard LED lights

80W ceiling-mounted LED lights

14W tubing LED lights

10W down lights

10W fluorescent lights


Tunnel Entrance Lights


Yi County Toll Station

Lighting Energy Saving Renovation at the Service Area of Baoding Section of Zhangshi Highway

At the lighting renovation of North Laiyuan service area, East Laiyuan service area and Yi County service area, Linyang replaced totally:

explosion-proof lights

ceiling lights

bulb lights

1.2m T8 tube LED lights

0.6m T8 tube LED lights

down lights

panel lights

courtyard lights

high-pole lights

The power saving rate was 55.97%, and the annual power saving rate was 248,161 KWH. During the contract energy management service period, 763 tons of standard coal will be saved, 2,023 tons of carbon dioxide reduced, 675 tons of soot, 74 tons of sulfur dioxide and 37 tons of nitrogen oxides reduced.


High-pole Lights at Service Area


Indoor Lighting at Service Area

Clean Heating at the Service Area of Zhangshi Highway

The total building area of Zhangshi highway service area in Yi County is 6497m2. The buildings in the south area are mainly composed of commercial and office buildings, with a building area of 5027m2. The north area is mainly composed of commercial buildings with a building area of 1470m2. The original coal-fired boiler heating is now transformed into two sets of storage heat pump heating system, realizing the clean heating for south and north areas.

By renovation, the maximum water temperature of the system can reach as high as 60℃, ensuring the heating effect of the service area. At the same time, the reformed storage heat pump system also saves energy and reduces the emission of pollutants. Based on accurate calculation, the renovation can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 480 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 14.4 tons and nitrogen oxide emissions by 7.2 tons per year.


Heating System Comparison Before VS. After Renovation


the Surface Temperature of Radiator Can Reach 55℃