Energy Efficiency Management Solution - Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.

With the background of National's vigorously promotion of the side reform of electric power demand, Linyang grasps the energy development direction, actively explores energy saving field, constantly breakthroughs and gradually builds up the comprehensive energy saving service system by integrating LED lighting, energy saving micro grid, decentralized PV, clean heating, cool storage and heat storage, power quality control, combined cooling heating and Power(CCHP) on the basis of smart energy efficiency management cloud platform. It has the first-level qualification of the power demand side management service organization of the ministry of industry and information technology, and a variety of qualifications such as power engineering, municipal engineering, electromechanical installation, system integration, contract energy management, CMMI5 level qualification.

Linyang energy saving sector is designed to provide users with one-stop comprehensive energy services and has established related energy efficiency management companies in Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei and Shandong, providing customers with comprehensive energy efficiency analysis and early warnings for more than 3000 high energy consumption enterprises, which have launched on smart energy efficiency management cloud platform. It provides users with online and ofline one stop comprehensive energy service based on the deep excavation, analysis, and use of the big energy consumption data, to promote safe, economic, efficient and green energy.