Honor - Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.

Company Honor

National implementation of performance excellence model- Advanced Enterprise

Jiangsu Famous Brand Certificate

Certificate of Jiangsu quality Honor

Jiangsu Famous Export Brand

Excellent power station developer and investor of CREC

EPC Certificate

National enterprise technology center

Certificate of New Hi-tech Enterprise

Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation

Executive Director Agency China Electricity Council

The National Exemplary Employees'Family

Large Taxpayer of Jiangsu Private Enterprise

The Award of the best solution in Distributed Photovoltaic Industry

Vice President Unit of Shanghai Solar Energy Society

Emerging LED Products Award

China LED Initiative Award

Member of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization

Design Certificate

Company Certificates

Information Security Management System Certificate

CNAS Certificate

SGS Certificate

IEC Certificate Environment Management System Certificate

IEC Certificate Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

IEC Certificate Quality Management System Certificate

Smart Energy Product Certificates

DLMS Certificate SM120

DLMS Certificate SM150

DLMS Certificate SM350

G3-PLC SM120

G3-PLC SM150

G3-PLC SM350

IDIS Certificate SM120

IDIS Certificate SM150

IDIS Certificate SM350

MID Certificate  SM120

MID Certificate  SM150 

MID Certificate  SM350

SABS Test Report - SM120

SABS Test Report - SM150

SABS Test Report - SM350

STS Certificate SM120

STS Certificate SM150

STS Certificate SM350

Renewable Energy Product Certificates

Factory - ISO 9001

Factory - ISO 14001

Factory - OHSAS 18001

TUV - Ab+Bb 1000V

TUV - Ab+Bb 1500V