N+ all-in-one Solution - Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.


Linyang all-in-one solar solution is an optimized combination of cutting-edge N-type solar modules, world-class string inverters, transformer, mounting systems, cables and associated services.

Guaranteed Higher ROI

● Thanks to package of top solar components and professional service & support, a greater return on investment is more attainable than ever through Linyang all-in-one solar solution.

Project Design Included

● Linyang’s team has the experience and expertise to make sure your solar system is designed and installed right and efficiently.

Optimized LCOE

● With product matching optimization and comprehensive service support, we further optimize the LCOE and reliability of solar power plant while reducing BoS procurement cost.

Enhanced Performance Warranty

● Backed by trustable product quality control system, we offer protection on your investment across the whole lifecycle of solar power plant so you can benefit from peace of mind.