ElS-Collect is an interoperable cloud-based data collection platform interfacing with different meters and data concentrator (DCU) through various communication channels (GPRS/3G/4G/PSTN/Ethernet, etc.), supporting plenty of metering and industrial protocols (DLMS COSEM, IDIS, IEC62056-11, Modbus, DNP3,…).

Utilizing web-based platform and CIM standard (IEC61968/IEC61970) protect utilities against any service monopoly, providing a secure channel to fully interact with different 3rd party applications including but not limited to Billing, Vending, FDM, DMS, OMS, CIS, EMS, etc.

ElS-Collect has a modular and flexible structure to be installed on any of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL databases which guarantees supporting of million meters as well as new standard functions that can be integrated with HES database servers or just transfer collected data to other applications for further processing. Its cloud-based design lets utilities install ElS-Collect in central station and give access to different users anywhere and without any installation requirement to remote monitor and control metering nodes securely and easily.

ElS-Collect supports variety of world-class functions which can be customized through its modular design and customer requirements.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Main Functions (HES)

▋ On-Demand/ Schedule Reading

▋ Customer Information Management

▋ Remote Configuration

▋ Communication Management

▋ Multi Uitility Data Collection

▋ Advanced Reporting (customizable CSV, XLS, TXT, PDF, XML, HTML fomats)


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