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Supporting prepaid customers with a multi-functional vending system is the need of utility companies which are approaching smart prepayment metering, providing fast and reliable bidirectional services to all utilities, vending channels and end-user customers.

ElS-Vend is an interoperable cloud-based vending system, supports STS and CTS standards (IEC62055) to interact with other Head-End Systems and/or Meter Data Management, providing a secure token and vending channel management services. Keep tracking of all customers, transactions and tokens is an important matter when vending system deals with millions of requests in a short time and several on-line vending channels as well as Individual Head-End Systems that are requesting bunch of historical data.

ElS-Vend supports various vending channels(POS,Mobile,ATM,web services,CDU,etc.) to maximize customer satisfaction by an easy,fast and 24/7 vending service as well as facilitating utilites daily challenges. This multi-vendor vending system can easily and securely expand its footprint as all customers have access to their accounts to easily purchase energy anywhere,anytime.

Product Detail

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Main Functions

▋ Vending Channels Management

▋ Voucher Template Management

▋ Meter Configuration

▋ Token Management

▋ Tarifs Management




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