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EIS-Manage is an intelligent SOA based data management and analyzing platform, capable to deal with millions of data, rapidly generate different analytics and reports. EIS-Manage is also designed modular and cloud-based empowering utilities effectively reduce overall costs of client/server installation method. Protecting valuable information, EIS-Manage can be integrated with several databases as the main servers and multi-layer backup database servers which all continually communicating with each other, providing a well secured and synchronized information. EIS-Manage supports CIM standard (IEC61968/IEC61970) to easily interact with other HES and 3rd party systems.

This Meter Data Management (MDM) platform has variety of applicable modules to deal with big challenges of utilities like energy loss, asset management and transformer monitoring system. All these conceptual analytics together assist utilities precisely protect their revenue and assets, planning for a reliable distribution network and effectively increase customer satisfaction. EIS-Manage supports various standard and reliable data bases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, … Providing advanced customizable reporting engine, standard GPS modules and user-friendly web-based customer service platform.

EIS-Manage as a stand-alone system or integrated with HES, supports different services through its modular structure.

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Main Functions (MDM)


▋ Multi-utility Management



▋ Billing Data Management

▋ Reporting and Analysis(customizable CSV, XLS, TXT, PDF, XML, HTML formats)


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