P-type Monocrystalline Bifacial Solar Module LYGF-BP72P

Linyang LYGF-BP72P series is the most popular bifacial solar modules on the market. Featuring P-Type Mono Bifacial PERC Technology, the LYFG-BP72P increases power output to 385W. An enhanced dual glass design provide Fire test Class A protection and super durable reliability to extend performance warranty to 30 years.

Linyang LYGF-BP72P series can gain 10%-30% extra power from rear side. Due to its high module efficiency and bifacial property, this series solar module can reduce the total number of strings resulting in a lower BOS and better system performance.

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Key Specifications

● Bifaciality

● PERC cell technology

● 1500V system voltage


High Power Output

● The output power is as high as 385W.

● Provide up to 30% extra power from rear side.

Outstanding Durability

● Rarely affected by induced degradation.

● Front load and rear load up to 5400 Pa.

Significant anti-PID Characteristics

Low water through and high resistance reduce the effect of PID.

Enhanced Performance Warranty

● Annual degradation has improved to -0.45%/yr.

● Provide at least 6.5% of extra front side power output after 25 years compared with p-type conventional PV module.

Enhanced Safety Level

● Passed Fire test Class A.

● IP67 water resistant for long-term weather endurance.


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