P-type Monocrystalline Solar Module LYGF-Bb+

Linyang LYGF-Bb+ series is the standard solar module product. Featuring Mono-PERC Technology, the Linyang LYGF-Bb+ can provide power output to 320W and module efficiency to 19.7% Enhanced safety property and PID-free can give customers higher performance and reliability.

Linyang LYGF-Bb+ series now provide 5400Pa snow loads and IP67 protection and to extend performance to 25 years. Thanks to its 1500V system design and high module efficiency, this series solar module can fit in 1500V system resulting in a lower BOS of solar system.

Product Detail

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Key Specifications

● PID-FREE module

● 1500V system voltage

● Monocrystalline efficient cell


High Efficiency

Advanced solar cell technology ensures the high module efficiency up to 19.7%

Outstanding Durability

Module guarantees a positive-only power tolerance of 0 to +5W to bring extra benefit

Better Performance under partial shading

Module is capable to withstand 2400Pa wind loads and 5400Pa snow loads

Enhanced Performance Warranty

Module is manufactured in accordance with international quality standards ISO9001

Enhanced Safety Level

Linyang's patented J-BOX performs module with an environmental protection rating to IP67


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