News - Linyang Participated in the 3rd China (Shanghai) International Metrology Measurement Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2021

On May 18th, the 3rd China (Shanghai) International Metrology Measurement Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2021, jointly sponsored by Shanghai Metrology Association and China Institute of Metrology, kicked off in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

As one of the leading enterprises in the smart energy industry, Linyang Energy  has exhibited  energy controller,  smart IoT meter and  overseas concentrator , overseas smart prepayment watt-hour meter and  concentrator, collector and smart Din Rail meter for the off-grid market,  application solution together with terminal products, energy controller and IoT meters , overseas  AMI system solutions,  solution for smart energy control, which serves the opportunity for the customers to learn about Linyang’s comprehensive strength at smart measurement area.







The two products of energy controller & smart watt-hour meter adopt hardware platform, functional software and structural modules to meet the demands of  mass storage and multiple collection, support  the service system of energy emerging business development and  effectively improve the utilization rate of power grid equipment and social energy efficiency.




Based on international advanced communication standards and  by virtue of its powerful collection function, data security, plug-and-plug integration capability, self-diagnosis function, rich report function and other advantages, Linyang has provided overseas users with a full range of multi-angle data analysis and more detailed data support.




Linyang smart energy control solution is a comprehensive  information collection – analysis- vending system, which integrates modern digital communication technology, computer hardware and software technology, electric energy metering technology, power analysis, demand management, energy efficiency management, mobile payment and mobile operational technology  to  help enterprises realize the managements of  energy costs, safety electricity, power quality, abnormal electricity and to achieve the purpose of safe energy usage, cost reduction and efficiency.





With the advent of the Internet of Things and intelligent era, as an innovative enterprise deeply engaged in the field of smart energy, Linyang Energy operates more than 150 million electricity meters and power terminals world widely with a good reputation for its products, quality and services. This exhibition fully demonstrated the quality, reliability and innovation of Linyang energy products and solutions, which were widely recognized and praised by the participants. At the same time, Linyang will further strengthen the market development control, set the direction of technology research and development, improve brand recognition and comprehensive competitiveness, trying to be “a first -class product and operation service provider in the global field of smart grid, renewable energy and energy efficiency management”.


Post time: May-24-2021