News - Linyang Energy attended 42nd China Electrical Instrument Industry Development Technology Seminar in 2021

From April 7th to 9th, “2021 42nd China Electrical Instrument Industry Development Technology Seminar and Exhibition” was held grandly in Wuhan, China. The conference is jointly sponsored by National Electrical Instrument Productivity Promotion Center, Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. and other units.

More than 400 representatives from power grid companies, measurement and testing institutions, scientific research institutes and enterprises of various industries attended the conference. As one of the leading enterprises in the smart energy industry, Linyang Energy was invited to attend this conference to share the technological innovation of the industry, explore the opportunities and challenges of the industry and plan the development direction of the industry with many experts.



After the opening ceremony, on the afternoon of April 8, “the second enlarged meeting of the seventh session of the Electrical Instrument and Meter Branch of China Instrument Manufacturer Association” was held. Fang Zhuangzhi, the rotating chairman of the 7th Council of Electrical Instrument Branch of China Instrument Manufacturer Association and vice president of Linyang Group, hosted the meeting and delivered a keynote speech titled “New Generation Energy Metering and Sensing Technology to Support the Construction of New Power System”


Vice President Fang Zhuangzhi, said the traditional power generation of “generation, transmission, distribution and transformation and utilization” linearization system gradually progressing into the “renewable energy power generation, smart grid, energy efficiency management and energy storage “interaction energy evolution of the Internet is a kind of inevitable trend and at the same time, a new type of electric power with renewable energy as majority will be an important trend. It can’t do without the next generation energy metering and sensing technology to construct new power system. He expounded the development ideas of the new generation of energy metering and sensing technology from eight aspects, and prospected the future development trend.

Following the clean, digital and smart trend of power and energy system, Linyang makes full use of their own advantages, focusing on energy internet of perception and communication technology, efficient solar power systems, high-performance lithium ion battery energy storage system, to create ” renewable energy power generation, smart grid, energy efficiency management and energy storage ” interacted, integrated and optimized smart energy system platform relying on the platform to develop energy internet innovation technology and business model, to provide global partners with satisfactory products and solutions. To promote the energy revolution and implement the goal of carbon peak in 2030 and carbon neutral in 2060, Linyang Energy will spare no effort to work together with friends and experts, at the significant historic task and devote itself in building “ a clean low-carbon, safe and high efficiency” energy system and constructing a new type of electric power system to adapt to the high proportion of new energy widely access!


This industry conference and exhibition provides a good exchange and learning platform. In the future, Linyang Energy will continue to dig deep into the field of smart grid and IoT, and actively explore the cutting-edge technology of the industry, assisting the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry, and adhering to the development strategy of “smart energy, energy saving and renewable energy” and working harder for the goal of “Be a first-class product and operation service provider in the global field of smart grid, renewable energy and energy efficiency management”

Post time: Apr-12-2021