The energy controller (special transformer), ECU4X13-TLY2205, has successfully achieved the complete certification of Metrology Centre of State Grid Corporation of China.

Recently, followed by the energy controller (public transformer) ECU4H23-TLY2205, another high-quality energy controller (special transformer) ECU4H23-TLY2205, made by Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. has successfully passed all inspections of the State Grid Metrology Center and obtained the Inspection Report and model registration certificate. By now, Energy Controller series products have all passed the test successfully, which indicates that Linyang Energy has the ability to conduct large-scale promotion and application for energy controllers.




The hardware of the energy controller (TLY2205) adopts modular design, which can be flexibly configured with multiple functional modules such as remote communication module, control module, local communication module, remote signal module, analog quantity acquisition module, etc. It can realize flexible accesses of metering and sensing devices, intelligent switches and other devices at customers’ and distributors’ sides. Also, it has functions such as data collection, smart cost control, clock synchronization, accurate metering, orderly charging, energy management, circuit loop status inspection, power failure reporting, etc. The app-based design of software can realize the information exchange of the same APP from different manufacturers, and support expansion and installation of Apps for new business. The product can meet multiple application requirements such as electricity consumption information collection, power quality analysis, comprehensive energy metering collection, distributed energy management, data collection on the demand side, enterprise energy efficiency monitoring, orderly charging of cars, smart homes and others. Based on the “Edge Cloud Management” structure and smart IOT (Internet of Things) system, it can meet requirements like information collection, IOT agency, edge computing, high-performance concurrency, high-capacity storage, multiple collection objects, and also realize functions like analysis and decision-making, collaborative computing and others, which can support marketing, power distribution and emerging businesses effectively.


The launch and certification of the energy controller ECU4X13-TLY2205 has enriched Linyang Energy’s intelligent IoT product series. The company will continue to invest in technological innovation, support industrial development and provide better technology, products and services of IoT in the energy industry.





Post time: Mar-01-2021

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