Never forget why you started, Put charity at first place ! Linyang Group won the “Red Cross Fraternity Award of Jiangsu Province”.

On December 23, 2020, Jiangsu Red Cross Society held the donation ceremony of non-invasive ventilator and AED and the forum of charity enterprise representatives in Nanjing Huadong Hotel. At the meeting, Linyang Group won the ” Red Cross Fraternity Award of Jiangsu Province”.






Ruthless as the epidemic, we are deeply touched by the compassion shown to us at this challenging time. Linyang’s public welfare will go further for pursuit of people’s benefits. During the battle of epidemic prevention and control at the beginning of the year, Linyang Group donated 1 million yuan through Qidong Red Cross, and established the first special fund for medical care in Qidong – “Linyang Public Welfare Fund for Medical Care”. Lin Yang advocated all employees to carry forward the spirit of fraternity and the traditional virtue of “when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere.”, to help people pass through the difficult time with love. All people in Linyang actively responded to the initiative and donated money, raising a total of 230,308.55 yuan for epidemic prevention and control. Linyang practices the Red Cross spirit of “humanity, fraternity and dedication” with his actions.






Helping people in difficulties and pursuing goodness is always a good virtue. Linyang has always been adhering to the attitude of not forgetting why you started, actively participating in public welfare to spread positive energy with love. Linyang has donated money and materials to many social public welfare activities such as Glory Causes, Hope Project, Poverty Alleviation, Yellow River Protection, Holding up the Sun of Tomorrow, and Flying the Hope of Tomorrow. Up to now, the accumulative charity amount has reached more than 80 million yuan. Under the guidance of the board of directors, while vigorously developing its business, Linyang has conducted the poverty alleviation with photovoltaic energy generation. It has invested and constructed photovoltaic power stations for poverty alleviation purposes in many regions across the country to realize targeted poverty alleviation. Up to now, the accumulated donations and subsidies have exceeded 45 million yuan.



The greatest benevolence is like water, and the highest virtue tolerates all. Linyang Group will continue to uphold social responsibility and patriotism, and do its best to return and contribute to the society while innovating and developing its business. It will continue to promote the public welfare undertakings, and make greater contributions to the Chinese economic development and people’s happy life.


Post time: Jan-28-2021

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