Nanjing Linyang Electronics Co., Ltd. Participated PT EXPO China 2020

Recently, 2020 China PT EXPO, with “Connexion Shapes the Future ” as the theme, opened in Beijing. Nanjing Linyang Electronics has been invited to attend the exhibition.  Together with telecom operators, Nanjing Linyang Electronics has exhibited NB – IoT electric meters, 4G – Cat1 series electric meters and energy efficient management platform IoT products and solutions, which has demonstrated Nanjing Linyang Electronics’’ leading layout and its strength in IoT industry.




Organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CIICT is the most influential event in the ICT industry. It has been successfully held for 28 times since it was first held in 1990 and is regarded as the innovation base and weathervane of the ICT market in China and even in the world. The exhibition focuses on the six major themes of future network, big cloud computing, Internet of Everything, artificial intelligence, smart world and security society throughout the ICT industry chain, showing new communication technology, new products and various innovation applications with rich project cases and scenarios.




The Internet of Things is one of the priorities of the current “new infrastructure”. In recent years, Nanjing Linyang Electronics has built up the development mission of “providing better power Internet of Things product technology and service” for customers. It not only deeply explores the markets of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, but also focuses on the changes in the demands of key customers in the industry. It also focuses on the expansion of non-electric target markets such as ICT, and has accumulated a relatively deep foundation in advanced technology reserves such as Cloud Solution and Internet of Things solution research and development.

Post time: Oct-20-2020

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