Linyang Energy won the bid for the contract-Energy Management Project of the North District of Yancheng First People’s Hospital



Recently, Nanjing Linyang Power Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd, has successfully won the bidding for the contract—Energy Management Project of the North District of Yancheng First People’s Hospital, with the service fee of RMB19.5 million yuan annually. Within the ten-year service period, the company is expected to increase the operating income of nearly 200 million yuan.

The winning project will adopt EMC (Energy Management Contracting) mode and implement a trusteeship model to manage billing of electricity, steam and natural gas. On the premise of meeting the requirement of a comfortable hospital environment, the company will fully invest in to carry out comprehensive energy saving transformation.

The winning of the bid again indicates that the company’s ability to provide integrated energy services based on the smart energy efficiency management cloud platform with EMC model has been furtherly recognized by the market and it marks as well that with the mature ability to provide energy saving services for the transportation system, Linyang also has the ability to provide integrated energy solutions for the medical system and officially entered the medical markets. The implementation of this project will also help the company continue to expand integrated energy service business, accumulate project experience, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, and help Linyang move forward toward the goal of “Be the first-class products and operating service provider in the global field of smart grids, renewable energy and energy efficiency management”!

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Post time: Feb-06-2021

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