News - Linyang Energy Undertook the Technical Seminar of China Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance

Recently, sponsored by the Secretariat of China Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance and undertaken by Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd., the ” Technology Symposium of Electricity Meter Reliability ” was successfully held in Nanjing. More than 90 working group experts from various fields of scientific research, industry and application attended the meeting.


Focusing on the reliability field of intelligent measurement industry and metering products at this conference, people discussed the reliability technology of smart electricity meters and studied the reliability test method of smart electricity meters, exploring the future development direction of the reliability of smart electricity meters. The purpose of the conference is to guide the development and progress of the whole industry in various design and production links, such as innovative design concept, scientific selection of materials, elaborate the arrangement of technology, and strive to excavate and determine the potential hidden dangers and weak links of products, so as to effectively improve the reliability level of products in the whole industry.


At the meeting, the deputy general manager of Linyang Energy, Mr. Ren Jinsong delivered a speech as the representative of the organizer. Mr. Ren said in a statement that China is a big country of watt-hour meter production. By selling watt-hour meter into the international market, Linyang Energy, as watt-hour meter manufacturing enterprise, is looking forward to seeing the current criteria of watt-hour meter system working in line with the international standards and hopes that this meeting can guide the watt-hour meter manufacturing enterprises to unify the product platform at home and abroad to focus on improving the quality of product and feasibility, promote the transformation of electricity meter enterprises to a higher quality development, and improve the recognition of products in the international market.



During the meeting, the relevant leaders of the Alliance welcomed the new members and made arrangements for the work of the Alliance this year. The reliability test scheme based on intelligent watt-hour meter was introduced by China Electric Power Research Institute. The meeting had an in-depth discussion on the design basis of hardware reliability, the key parameters of the reliability test of electricity meters accelerated by temperature and humidity, the key points of the failure rate during the whole life period of electricity meters, the reliability exploration of the 16-year life period of electricity meters, the application of electricity meter reliability statistics software, and the reliability verification of electricity meters.

This seminar has further strengthened the communication and exchange among scientific research, industry and energy metering enterprises, and has great significance in improving the reliability level of smart electricity meters, promoting the coordinated development of industrial chain and the construction of energy Internet. In the future, Linyang Energy, together with many colleagues in the industry, will continue to deepen the energy metering industry, continue to invest in research on product quality and reliability, and jointly promote the development and progress of intelligent measurement technology in China, so as to provide better products to serve the vast number of power users. Linyang Energy is striving to become a first-class product and operation service provider in the global field of smart grid, renewable energy and energy efficiency management.

Post time: Apr-30-2021

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