Linyang Split-type Single-phase DIN rail mounting Keypad Prepayment Energy Meter is an IEC-standard energy meter used to measure single-phase AC active energy with frequency of 50/60Hz and prepayment function through keypad and TOKEN. When consumers would like to purchase electricity, Vending point will provide them a 20-bit TOKEN encrypted with electricity charge information. Consumers input the TOKEN into the meter from the keypad, and then meter decodes the TOKEN and charge the meter. The charge TOKEN is composed of 20 numbers. The data transfer protocol is complaint with STS standard.

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For Consumers

  • Efficient Management
  •  It’s much convenient consumers can purchase token from any authorized vending station.
  •  Help the consumers to monitor their spending on electricity.
  •  Emergency credit and friendly credit is allowed.
  • Refund is allowed.
  • User friendly Operation
  • Various methods are available to pay for the credit.
  • Access to meter data by keying in short code.
  • When the user key in enquiry code information, the LCD will display the enquiry information
  • Each token can specially be used to credit a particular meter with a certain serial number only.
  •  Token can be re-issued if it is lost for some reason.

For Utility                 

  • More Economic
  • Reduce management or billing cost.
  • Reduce bad debts.
  • More Efficient
  • Each operation can be monitored, making the future planning much easier.
  • End User habit analysis


  • Using STS encryption technology and protocol which assure high security.
  • The credit could be limited in order to eliminate the risk of theft.
  •  Whole close meter construction to avoid meter damage from outside.

 Main Feature

  • Prepaid/Postpaid mode: Under prepaid mode, 20-digit STS encrypted codes transmission as a token to purchase electricity; using a mode change token or optical port to change two modes.
  • Energy (KWh)/ Currency mode: two modes can be changed under prepaid mode;
  • Support full energy measurement: import/export active/reactive energy, import/export apparent energy, import/export active/reactive demand.
  • Significant Reverse Energy (SRE) (configurationally).
  • MCU continuous metering regardless of communications interface or CIU state.
  • TOU (up to 8 tariffs) and demand management available.
  • Step tariff available.
  • Measurement of instantaneous current/voltage/power.
  • Non-volatile memory with 10 years long life.
  • Various anti-tamper functions: Cover open/terminal cover open/current reverse connection/Live-Neutral Current Differential Detection.
  • Event recording functions: tamper event/over voltage event/under voltage event/ power cut event/ relay connection/reconnection event/ tariff change event/ programming event/ last 50 successful token event, etc.
  • Billing freezing functions: the past 13 months billing/ the past 62 days billing / the past 48 hours billing.
  • RTC function

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